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Cute Date Night Inspired Engagement Photos

I’m taking a break from my usual recipe posts because I am so excited to show you photos from our engagement session! Nothing groundbreaking here… just a couple of dorks eating ice cream and popping champagne in the park. Oh, and a few thoughts for those planning your own engagement photos.

Picnic and Champagne Toast are perfect for a fun and romantic engagement session | Photo Credit: The Veil Wedding Photography

We live in Florida so planning this engagement shoot over the summer was nearly impossible. On the day of our session, it had rained monsooned for nearly ten days straight. We cancelled the shoot that morning but at the last minute, the clouds parted and the sun made its debut for the first time in over a week. I immediately called our photographers and we decided to go for it! I didn’t even have time to wash my hair. Oops.

Our photographers, Amanda and Landon, were so flexible and awesome; we totally pulled it off. Check out The Veil Wedding Photography if you’re in the market for wedding photos. They were so comfortable to be around and very professional! Those two deserve all the credit in the world for this beautiful shoot. I may be biased but I think our photos turned out great! Not to mention, we could be the least photogenic people on the planet.

Picnic and Champagne Toast are perfect for a fun and romantic engagement session | Photo Credit: The Veil Wedding Photography Picnic and Champagne Toast are perfect for a fun and romantic engagement session | Photo Credit: The Veil Wedding Photography

Capture Who You Are as a Couple

There’s nothing more important than staying true to yourself. It’s fun to look at “Pinterest worthy” images and Instagram models; I am super guilty of getting caught up in that mess [especially now that we’re getting married]. But, I’d rather someone look at our pictures and see us for who we are, goofy flaws and all.

If you’ve been following along with the blog, you probably know by now that Austin and I plan our lives around food. On the weekends, we like to try out new local spots and I always plan a big meal for Sunday supper. So naturally when Amanda asked us what we like to do on a Friday night, we decided to get ice cream.

Ice cream date night | Photo credit: The Veil Wedding Photography

Five minutes after picking up our “props” from our local ice cream shop, mine began melting uncontrollably in the Florida humidity. It was dripping down my arm and stuck in my hair… a real disaster. The situation was quite hilarious, actually, because it is so us. Engagement photos don’t have to be perfect… they just have to capture who you are as a couple. And yes, we did stop momentarily to eat the ice cream. And yes, it was delicious.

Side note: Two days after our engagement session, the new US Weekly came out and on the cover was a stunning photo of Chip and Joanna Gaines holding perfectly melted ice cream cones and flashing their pearly white smiles. TIGHT.

Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo | Photo Credit: The Veil Wedding Photography

 Pick a Place You Love to Visit

I think it’s best to pick a place that you have some emotional connection with. It didn’t take Austin and I very long to decide where we wanted to take our engagement photos. We live in a great little area of town that is very quaint and romantic. Austin and I love to walk our dog, Bear, up to “The Square” to grab a coffee or grab take-out from our favorite Thai restaurant. We could have easily driven out to the beach and got some really stunning shots but home is where our heart is. It is really my favorite place to be.

Romantic Date Night perfect for engagement session | Photo Credit: The Veil Wedding Photography

Have Fun with it

One thing I love about Austin is that he is such a great sport. Having our picture taken isn’t something that comes naturally for either of us, Austin especially. I am totally cheesing in the majority of these pictures because he was whispering in my ear the entire time and cracking me up! It also helped that we popped a little bubbly 😉 We didn’t have the best circumstances taking these pictures; it was so humid and the mosquitoes were terrible, but he was such a trooper. These pictures just remind me of a fun and hilarious night hanging out with my honey. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dapper Dog Steals the Show in Engagement Photos | Photo Credit: The Veil Wedding Photography
Can we all take a minute to talk about how dapper Bear is in these photos? It’s pretty unreal how adorable he is.

Thanks so much for sharing this special moment with us. If you have any questions or ideas of your own, let me know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed the post and know anyone else who may also, please share on Facebook or Pinterest!

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Photo Credit: The Veil Wedding Photography

Ice Cream Date Night Inspired Engagement Session | Photo Credit: The Veil Wedding PhotographyPicnic and champagne toast engagement photos | Photo Credit: The Veil Wedding Photography


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