Welcome to Blue Cheese Bungalow. My name’s Kelsey Renée. I am a food enthusiast, young professional and most importantly, dog bear lover. By day, you’ll catch me in a pencil skirt. But at 5 o’clock, I slip into an over-sized t-shirt and transform into a puppy mom and self-proclaimed chef.

I love cheese (don’t we all), spin class, Seinfeld re-runs and weekend trips to the grocery store – It’s the little things in life. I live with a very handsome [hungry] gentleman and our dog, Bear, in a little blue bungalow in Northeast Florida. And when I tell you that we love to eat, I mean we really love to eat. So when it comes to our kitchen table, it’s all about balance.

I grew up in a [not so] traditional southern family where every gathering revolved around a meal and/or a football game – go Gators! My favorite memories are at my nanny’s house for Sunday supper or in my mom’s kitchen baking strawberry cupcakes. In my family, food means love and there’s a whole lot of it to go around.

Whether I am putting my own twist on a family recipe or coming up with something completely new, I love to experiment in the kitchen. I am a big believer in trial-and-error in everything I do. It’s perfect really – I’ll make the mistakes so you don’t have to!

I hope you enjoy my blog, Blue Cheese Bungalow. I will write weekly about what’s happening in our home and in the kitchen. This will be a learning process for both of us so be easy on me. I’ve never been that great at accepting feedback ; )

Kelsey Renée